Immediately following properly saving Woody, Hype had been with the an effective words with Bo, as he offered the woman experience of Woody

Immediately following properly saving Woody, Hype had been with the an effective words with Bo, as he offered the woman experience of Woody

Inside the Doll Story 2, Hype is demonstrated to assist Rex with his games and you will provides your guidelines on how to defeat Zurg. He actually encourages your because of the saying “You may be a better Buzz than simply I’m.” Whenever Woody are later on kidnapped from the Al McWhiggin, Rex comes with Hype and also the anyone else, thought his video game experience provides waiting your the real deal lives handle. If they are inside Al’s Toy Barn, Rex, including the most other playthings, errors Electricity Gear Buzz to your real Hype but gets thrilled when the genuine Buzz matches with them again inside Al’s apartment. Rex do afterwards serve as Buzz’s navigator when they hijack the fresh new Pizza Planet Truck in pursuit of Al toward airport, successfully getting them on airport, regardless if he’s a tiny dilemmas pinpointing kept and right.

Slinky Canine

Just like Rex, Slinky as well as the remainder of Andy’s toys was indeed excited about Buzz. He had been petting Slinky inside the track “Unusual Some thing”. Slinky are concerned when Buzz is affect knocked out the fresh new window of the Woody but loyally resided awake on evening into the an work discover your escort services in Des Moines (although without profits) Worse, the guy does not save Hype and you will Woody out-of Scud.

In the Toy Tale dos, Slinky are shown doing get a hold of Woody’s destroyed hat regarding Andy’s dog, Buster. Whenever Woody try after kidnapped by the Al McWhiggin, Buzz additionally the cut group play with Slinky once the an excellent bungee cable so you’re able to spring season off and cut Woody. If they are in Al’s Toy Barn, Slinky and also the most other toys, error Electricity Belt Buzz to your genuine Buzz but gets thrilled if the actual Buzz fits up with them again in the Al’s flat, and gets tap towards head. Slinky annexed the pedals when they hijack brand new Pizza pie Globe Vehicle in search of Al to the airport, successfully getting them towards airport. He, Buzz and help save team effortlessly stored Woody and you can defeat Stinky Pete, even so they were not able locate Jessie outside of the bag.


When Bo peep found Buzz immediately following Andy acquired him just like the a great birthday gift, she is amazed because of the most of the Buzz’s gadgets and you can experience. Immediately following the guy did an effective “flying” stunt, Bo proclaimed she wished Hype to be the woman “moving pal.” Hype and you may Bo performed look into friendly terms when he quickly gained a popular profile between Andy’s playthings. When Buzz tried to avoid Sid Phillips from destroying a battle Carl, Bo averted him, alarming for his coverage. Once Hype is happen to knocked out the sack screen, Bo didn’t fault Woody for this once the she thought your is a major accident. But not, whenever she observes Woody holding Buzz’s cut arm, Bo screamed in headache, convinced Buzz ended up being murdered. However when she observes Buzz operating having Woody into the Remote-controlled seeking to capture up to brand new swinging van, she are treated and you can understood Woody are telling the truth. Hype continued to remain relatives which have Bo as he seen their appeal so you’re able to Woody.

In the Toy Tale dos, Hype proceeded to stay friends which have Bo. Before leaving to go save your self Woody out-of Al McWhiggin, Bo brings Buzz a hug into cheek to have Woody, which Buzz awkwardly says the guy was not yes it can have the exact same offering Woody the kiss.

Before Toy Facts 3, Hype worked as well as Bo to conserve Remote-controlled during the a good thunderstorm. But not, when Bo is marketed and you may purchased because of the a purchaser, Buzz try devastated observe his buddy taken away.

In Model Story 4, she is excited observe him once more. They want to perform a save objective. When they falter, Hype believes however, chooses to come back to Bonnie. Once reuniting again, he cravings him to stay together with her as well as express you to definitely past goodbye.

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